What we are

We are an international business development company with a unique hands-on approach.

We not only consult, we also execute. We plan the work and work the plan together with you.

We research, envision, strategize, plan, execute, assess the whole process and then do it again better. 


We believe in strategic long-term plans, but don’t disregard short term fixes either.

We offer tailor-made packages that explore business market potential, analysis of the competition, pricing reviews, marketing tactics and anything to make it grow. 

Our team is international, diverse and dynamic, and together we bring Glocal to the business development table.

What we do differently

We strategically deploy freelancers for a highly-focused Glocal approach. 


Our process implies 5 clear steps, channeling the power of an integrated team of freelancers who act as local operators working in your target markets, setting up a local sales team to test products on the ground, or even arranging meetings and bookings for you:


  • we look under the hood of your company

  • explore the market

  • chart a path to action

  • plan the next moves and deploy a local team of freelancers

  • execute and assess the execution plan at every step of the way


We believe every business development should be a hands-on endeavour. The only way you can bring long-term value to a company is by direct, local interaction with its market, customers, relationships. 


We don’t set out to plan until we have understood our customers: what drives them, what are their limits, their cultural touchpoints. Once we have figured these out, we can assemble local project teams very quickly and customize the next activities/services according to our customers’ needs.

How can we help you

  • Figure out the market challenges and opportunities

  • Developing strategies for growth

  • Designing strategies

  • Implementing strategies

  • Making informed decisions

  • analyzing results

  • We are hands-on with you throughout the whole process

Mission Statement

Biz Dev Dynamics helps manufacturers of proven market value products grow beyond borders and expand in global markets.

Key Values
  • Radical transparency 

All our project activities are shared and communicated to you as a partner of our endeavour. 


  • Building trust for our partners and team

We do not kick-start a project until we make sure all the members of our team and partners completely trust one another with every aspect of the project. 


  • Creativity

We believe that achieving sustainable growth needs more than brute force. We believe in creativity-focused business development. 

Meet The Leaders

Oren Simon

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Oren Simon

Leader, evangelist, outside the box thinker, integrator, solutions finder

Gianluigi Olivari 

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Gianluigi Olivari

Sales artist; optimistic, energetic, task-oriented influencer; C-level management experience

Maria Antonietta Marino

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Founder at Mudita Consultancy, intercultural training and coaching

Fabian Szulanski

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Founder, Transformat.io / Co-Founder, The Values Foundation

Pratibha Bhattarai

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Creative Director at Asterisk Hubs

Mihai Blăjuţ

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Business Developer 💰 Professional Business Middleman 📈 Freelancer B2B Salesman 🎯 Import-Export Specialist 🛒 FMCG Expert

Anush Mnatsakanyan

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Video Marketing Expert | Co-Founder and CEO at Burnwe

Nelly Jebran

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I work with words | Earth 

Somen Chakraborty

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Business Consultant at Sudipta Enterprises

Bhagwat Prasad

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Analytics, Strategy and Business Development | Mu Sigma | Ex-Tata Group | SPJIMR.

Jean Paul Busuttil

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ACCA qualified Accountant

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