We are Biz Dev Dynamics’s COVID-19 dedicated business development team working on analysing all the data and identifying the major challenges in the UK manufacturing sector at the moment.


We will help you better “digest” the new Government aid programs and develop viable strategies to help weather the storm of a post COVID-19 economy.

Engineering your post COVID-19 path


The Coronavirus outbreak has brought about real disturbances in the global economy spine, and the echoes of those shocks reverberated to all of us.


As a growth-focused business development team, we have made it our task to identify the main shocks and challenges that the manufacturing SMEs are currently facing, in order to engineer tactics and implement strategies that will help bounce-back. 

UK’s innovation momentum risk by COVID and BREXIT

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The EU Commission is currently conducting a €100 billion-worth flagship initiative called the Horizon 2020.


This ambitious project will support all the research and innovation activities needed to secure Europe’s global competitiveness, as well as a bright, sustainable future for all Europeans.

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