Glocal BDD


BDD imports concepts from Agile Project Management developed for the software industry to help it cope with rapid changes in market context and requirements.

Working in cycles adapted to the specific project intensity, the project management team meets (video conferencing) regularly where the project manager reports to the customer’s representative and decisions are taken.

BDD virtually extends customers’ organizations with local, skilled freelancers, acting within their own communities, immersed in their native culture, proactively developing customers’ business in the assigned territory.

BDD is Glocal, meaning we have local aspects and global aspects. Boots on the ground proactive business development in target markets is one. A second is that BDD accepts responsibility for an effort only when it has a qualified BDD Agent local to the Customer.

We want to make sure we interpret customer desires correctly. We understand that people are not an exact science and that business making is all about the meeting of the minds of people.

And there is the Global.


We are happy to develop (~3months) an agent next to the customer (if we do not already have one available) anywhere on the planet, and we accept assignments for any target market (provided we see a way into that market for the given products)

BDD is entirely freelancers based and works in customer dedicated teams assembled for specific needs of specific business development efforts. A balanced mix of skills and availabilities specifically needed for this effort are tailored and managed hands-on, adapting as needed to achieve set goals.

From the customers’ point of view – pure cost-effective achievement – no headache.

Cost of Service 

Since whatever BDD does is executed by a freelancer the cost of each activity is the sum of (time X rate) of contributors. True for an assistant sending messages to a list, as it is true for a senior executive allocating an hour to form an opinion on a subject.

BDD will charge the Customer this Cost + 19% as overhead, within budget and approved for execution by the project management team (which includes the customer)

And when we agree to assume responsibility for an effort, we ask our customers to name a number, any number, acting as our dangling carrot (% of sales, or a bonus on meeting objectives)