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Biz Dev Dynamics approaches
projects with an organic mindset

Developing solutions and implementing them in the field is akin to planting seeds then nurturing them into strong fruit bearing plants.

our process

Our processes enable us to generate autonomous project teams with the agility to react in a timely manner to changes in a volatile business world.

But while we’re autonomous we’re not disconnected. Our project teams are visible and expertly monitored by review boards on a regular basis.

our processour process

our process

While each individual project is different, all evolve via essentially the same processes

individual project

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If initial discussions establish the potential to form a reciprocal alliance, we’ll (staying true to our Glocal approach) appoint a BDD Agent, local to you. They will make contact and start the first phase of exploring the issues at hand.

Our agent won’t be working alone. When reaching out to a prospective client, they are overseen by an executive sponsor. Plus they’ll be assisted by the BDD global team – always on hand to analyse and recommend.

At this stage, the goal is to ensure that the relevant BDD team members understand the problems and challenges to be faced. It may take a short Zoom meeting to clarify issues, or it may be necessary to set up a series of consultations. These can take place both online and on-site (where our agent comes to you), depending on the level of challenge and complexity.

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