The Risk Management Of Remote Operations

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The Risk Management Of Remote Operations

Running a business with remote operations in times of Coronavirus might feel like skating on thin ice, but we’ve got a solution.

Running a business with remote operations in times of Coronavirus might feel like skating on thin ice. But you want to skate anyway because there’s business growth on the horizon. In truth, risks are inevitable, and whilst this might sound like the biggest truism of all, we had to say it out loud. This is why!

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Applying Bandages to Remote Operations

When and where risk becomes reality, an internationalorganisation applies patches from afar, through Zoomed lenses, right? These “patches” probably follow the company’s global risk management framework, nothing wrong with that.

But what if these bandages are too big, too small, too harsh, or too late for that specific market, and it backfires?

I’ll try to make a little digression here and call upon your memory to remember that comedy superhero, Doctor Gadget, who had a tool and a solution for everything. He was a cyborg police inspector who could deploy a helicopter rotor system from his hat and immediately fly to the place where he was needed the most. He had all the tools and tricks up his sleeve to solve any problem, be anywhere, at any time.

In the real world that’s impossible. In the real world, you need a network of local professionals who can apply bandages fast and efficiently where you need them to.

This is why we, at BDD, have come up with a whole new methodology and system to support our clients in managing and optimising their remote operations, while diagnosing and mitigating potential risks.

It’s not an Inspector Gadget, it’s ten times better than that.

From a Global Perspective to Local Intelligence

The UK manufacturers are riding the momentum of big international tradings, but they need more export support to compete in the global market now that they’re outside the EU. They need to adapt, they need better risk mitigation, smoother offshore operations, they need more “local” rather than “global”. BDD’s solution to this is to go Glocal – from a global perspective to local intelligence and execution.

We offer hands-on business development solutions powered by remote teams of independent contractors that we recruit, train, manage, and take responsibility for their results. We have built a solid International Professional Independent Contractors Network that allows us to keep in touch with talented professionals from all over the world.

Our local independent contractors mix their professional skills with the first-hand knowledge of the local market. Rather than zooming in from a distance on an issue and doing estimates, we deploy a remote team to take the pulse and act, hands-on.

It is our job to manage the remote teams efficiently, throughout the whole course of the project, and we’ve been doing it for years. We believe that business growth requires more than chance, brute force, or excessive spending. We believe there are more business growth opportunities in being agile and with the feet on the ground.

Remote Operations Solutions Delivered by Independent Contractors

Consider you have a business extension that can work in an agile and efficient way, scouting the “danger zones” for you, and your objectives. We approach each project with such an organic mindset.

Once we understand the problem and align with your objects, we can generate fully autonomous teams of independent contractors who will assume full responsibility for achieving the goals set out, within the time frame and estimated budget.

A project manager will lead the project planning phase, identify the risks and opportunities, and figure out dependable mitigation of risks plan and a proactive leveraging of the opportunities.

Our business solutions start at A, where we meet and become acquainted with your business motivation and challenges, go all the way to M, where we are fully-autonomous, a true business extension of yours working fast and efficiently in the local markets of your interest, and ends at Z, where we have accomplished the goals set out.

Our Hands-On Way of Work Is a Risk-Averse Approach

We are always hands-on. We do not like guesswork. Our approach is more cost-effective than global research estimates. We prefer to test first-hand, engage with a market through our teams of local independent contractors.

We disclose upfront and clearly any potential uncertainties (risks) involved in a project. We support our clients to minimise and mitigate the risks as the project evolves.

Why zoom all the way in from the other side of the ocean, when you can have a few pair of eyes and brain on the other part of the ocean telling you how deep that iceberg is. That’s risk management of remote operations through independent contractors. It sounds…new. It is new, it is our approach, honedin years of doing business development consulting and managing remote teams of freelancing.


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