Biz Dev Dynamics specialise in
agile remote business operations

We offer tailor-made, hands-on services,
in three main business contexts:

Remote Operations

Business Growth

Supply Chain Optimisation

Remote-Ready Operations

Access to local teams in your selected locations

Our turnkey A to Z business solutions include:


Understanding your business motivations and challenges


a strategy

Planning and executing that strategy in the field

We benefit from the support of a team of professional independent contractors – making us uniquely agile and cost-effective.

Expertise to re-ignite your remote operations

If you’re already operating remotely, we'd be happy to review your current strategy and examine how best to optimise your current operations, and make them more effective, efficient, and resilient.

If you’re are struggling with any aspect of your remote operations call us today. We can carry out an audit - and offer suggestions on how to move forward – whether this involves temporary short-term measures or long-term solutions.

Business Growth

Support to boost your TOP LINE services

topline service

When you’re attempting to establish your business in a new market having local expertise on board is invaluable. Local residents understand both the culture and language of your prospective customers. They also have a much better chance of establishing rapport with your potential business stakeholders.

Local intelligence on your side.

With access to local intelligence you can prepare and execute an optimised ‘go-to-market’ strategy. BDD arms you with that local intelligence - in the form of a newly created remote team.

This team, along with carefully selected local representatives will work with you to achieve your business objectives.

Supply Chain

Creative insights and tailored solutions

creative insights

In global marketplaces supply chains are comprised of numerous participants, each interacting across several continents. Each participant has their own language and culture and operates within their own exclusive time zone.

When you’re creating a new supply chain from scratch - or replacing an obsolete chain, our expertise can help you become ‘local’ at any selected location - giving you global reach to every aspect of the chain.

In the event you encounter more localised or granular problems, BDD can investigate and intervene via hands-on mitigation measures. That way you can quickly adapt to changing circumstances in an agile and cost-effective way.

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